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Question 1: The etymological root of anekāntavāda lies in the compound of two ________ words: anekānta ("manifoldness") and vāda ("school of thought").

Question 2: Anekāntavāda is non-absolutist and stands firmly against all dogmatisms, including any assertion that ________ is the only correct religious path.
Indian religionsJainismJain philosophyHinduism

Question 3: However, it is argued that pluralism often degenerates to some form of ________ or religious exclusivism.
Moral relativismConscienceAristotleMorality

Question 4: The ancient Jain texts often explain the concepts of anekāntvāda and syādvāda with the parable of the ________ (Andhgajanyāyah), which addresses the manifold nature of truth.
Blind men and an elephantAfghanistanIndiaOctagon Press

Question 5: [6] The principle of anekāntavāda also influenced ________ to adopt principles of religious tolerance, ahiṃsā and satyagraha.
C. RajagopalachariMohandas Karamchand GandhiAbul Kalam AzadJawaharlal Nehru

Question 6: This is to contrast attempts to proclaim absolute truth with adhgajanyāyah, which can be illustrated through the parable of the "________".
AfghanistanBlind men and an elephantOctagon PressIndia

Question 7: German Indologist Hermann Jacobi believes Māhavīra effectively employed the dialectics of anekāntavāda to refute the ________ of Sañjaya Belaṭṭhaputta.
AntireligionSecular humanismAgnosticismAtheism

Question 8: [13] Syādvāda is not only an extension of anekānta ________, but a separate system of logic capable of standing on its own.

Question 9: The origins of anekāntavāda can be traced back to the teachings of Māhavīra (599–527 ________), the 24th Jain Tīrthaṇkara.
Gregorian calendarCalendar eraCommon EraJulian calendar

Question 10: Anne Vallely notes that the epistemological respect for other view-points was put to practice when she was invited by Ācārya Tulsi, the head of Jain Terāpanthī order, to teach their Jain nuns, the tenets of ________.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist


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