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Andy Pratt (singer-songwriter): Quiz


Question 1: The vocals on this song (based on ________'s Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd) took 500 studio hours to record, and range from basso profundo to a maniacal falsetto.
Pete SeegerWoody GuthriePeople's SongsFolk music

Question 2: Pratt was sporadically seen ________ at underground train stations.
PoetryHippieBuskingJoan Baez

Question 3: Inspired by ________, he played guitar or bass guitar in Bogus Chimes, Zinias, and Vagabonds.
Kiss (band)Les FradkinThe VenturesInstrumental rock

Question 4: Startled by the ________ wave ("I hate ugly music"), Pratt produced the religious pop album Motives, after which he settled in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Rock musicPunk rock subgenresPunk rockHardcore punk

Question 5: Resolution (Nemperor Records, distributed by ________, 1976)
Atlantic RecordsEast West RecordsWarner Bros. RecordsWarner Music Group

Question 6: Andy Pratt (________, 1973)
Columbia RecordsLegacy RecordingsRCA RecordsSony Music Entertainment

Question 7: His family wealth enabled him to build AEngus Studios, where he broadened his knowledge of recording techniques and multi-tracking arrangements in the spirit of ________ and Phil Spector.
The Beach Boys solo discographyThe Beach BoysPet SoundsBrian Wilson

Question 8: Pratt's version was used on the soundtrack to the film ________ in 1998.
Brian EnoDavid BowieGlam rockVelvet Goldmine

Question 9: ________ recorded a raunchier version on his solo album One of the Boys.
The WhoRoger DaltreyPete TownshendJon Button

Question 10: Having converted to ________ and settled in the Netherlands in 1987, he continued to make records and perform at big Christian pop music festivals.
ChristianityBaptistChristian denominationEcumenism


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