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Andromache: Quiz


Question 1: She also appears as a character in ________'s Troy series.
EnglandDavid GemmellHarold WilsonUnited Kingdom

Question 2: ________ III, 777–778.
Ars AmatoriaElegiac coupletAugustusOvid

Question 3: In Greek mythology, Andromache (pronounced /ænˈdrɒməkiː/; ________: Ἀνδρομάχη) was the wife of Hector and daughter of Eetion, and sister to Podes.
Doric GreekAeolic GreekAncient GreekAttic Greek

Question 4: During the Trojan War, Hector was killed by ________, and their son Astyanax was thrown from the city walls by the Greek Herald Talthybius.


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