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Question 1:
How do you write Cremaster muscle in latin?
fissura rhinalis
Dioecesis Laohocheuvensis
musculus cremaster
segment hepatis posterius I, lobus caudatus

Question 2:
How do you write Testicle in latin?
arteria intercostalis suprema
vena emissaria occipitalis
ramus acromialis arteriae suprascapularis

Question 3:

Question 4: Male-specific medical and surgical procedures include ________ and vasovasostomy (one of the vasectomy reversal procedures) as well as intervention to deal with male genitourinary disorders such as:
VasectomyCondomMasturbationBirth control

Question 5: It is the counterpart to ________, which deals with medical issues which are specific to women.
GynaecologyReproductive medicineAndrologyUrology

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