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Androgenic hair: Quiz


Question 1: Hair follicles are to varying degrees sensitive to androgen, primarily ________ and its derivatives, with different areas on the body having different sensitivity.

Question 2: The density of hair – the number of hair follicles per ________ of skin – varies from person to person.

Question 3: The sequence of appearance of terminal hair reflects the level of androgen sensitivity, with ________ being the first to appear due to the area's especial sensitivity to androgen.
Pubic hairBikini waxingHair removalFacial hair

Question 4: There is a ________ in the amount and distribution of androgenic hair, with men tending to have more terminal hair in more areas.
OrgasmPrenatal developmentSexual differentiationPuberty

Question 5: Terminal arm hair is concentrated on the wrist end of the forearm, extending over the ________.
HandUpper limbFasciaShoulder

Question 6: Vellus arm hair is usually concentrated on the elbow end of the forearm and often ends on the lower part of the ________.
ShoulderArmHandUpper limb

Question 7: Exceptions include the lips, the backs of the ________, the palms of hands, the soles of the feet, certain external genital areas, the navel and scar tissue.
BreastEarSensory systemPenis

Question 8: Androgenic hair, colloquially body hair, is the terminal hair that develops on the human body during and after ________.
Prenatal developmentPregnancySexual differentiationPuberty

Question 9: The growth of androgenic hair is related to the level of ________ (male hormones) in the individual.

Question 10: It is differentiated from the head ________ and less visible vellus hair.
Abdominal hairBreastHuman skinHair

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