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Androgen insensitivity syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: Complete AIS (CAIS): completely female body except no ________, fallopian tubes or ovaries; testes in the abdomen; minimal androgenic (pubic or axillary) hair at puberty.
OvaryUterusVulvaReproductive system

Question 2: Shallowness of the vagina varies and may or may not lead to mechanical difficulties during ________.
MasturbationPregnancyHuman sexual behaviorSexual intercourse

Question 3: See the ________ article for more detail on this important management shift.
Third genderTranssexualismIntersexualitySexual orientation

Question 4: Evaluation of neonatal ambiguity is described in more detail in the ________ article.
Sexual orientationThird genderTranssexualismIntersexuality

Question 5: In a normal fetus with a ________ karyotype, the presence of the SRY gene induces testes to form on the genital ridges in the fetal abdomen a few weeks after conception.
Chromosomal translocationChromosomeKaryotypePolyploidy

Question 6: Several surveys suggest that androgen receptor mutations can be found in 30-40% of men with ________ due to otherwise unexplained oligospermia or azoospermia.
Vulvovaginal healthFemale infertilityInfertilityReproductive system disease

Question 7: Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), also referred to as androgen resistance syndrome, is a set of disorders of sex development caused by mutations of the gene encoding the ________ receptor.

Question 8: Although the testes develop fairly unexceptionally before puberty if not removed, the testes in adults with CAIS become increasingly distinctive, with unusual spermatogenic cells and no ________.
SpermiogenesisSpermatozoonSpermatogenesisReproductive system

Question 9: Although many distinct ________ have been discovered, the spectrum of clinical manifestations has been divided into six phenotypes, which roughly correspond to increasing amounts of androgen effect due to increasing tissue responsiveness.
MutationSpeciationEvolutionPopulation genetics

Question 10: Most forms of AIS involve a variable degree of undervirilization and/or infertility in XY persons of either ________.
IntersexualityThird genderGenderGender role

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