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Andrew II of Hungary: Quiz


Question 1: However, the Teutonic Knights began to establish a country independent of the ________.
Kingdom of HungaryKing of HungaryKingdom of Hungary in the Middle AgesHistory of Hungary

Question 2: Andrew, in contrast with the decisions of the Fourth Council of the Lateran, often employed Jews and ________ in the royal household.

Question 3: He tried to collect money by using new instruments, such as introducing new taxes, undermining the currency and leasing his income to Jews and ________ which increased his unpopularity.

Question 4: In the beginning of 1235, Andrew made a campaign against ________ and enforced Duke Frederick II to make a peace.
Czech RepublicAustriaHungaryPoland

Question 5: In the beginning of 1198, Pope Innocent III requested that Andrew fulfill his father's last wishes and lead a ________ to the Holy Land.
East–West SchismCrusadesCounter-ReformationFirst seven Ecumenical Councils

Question 6: Therefore, ________ requested him to give up this practise.
Catholic ChurchPope Alexander IVPope Honorius IVPope Gregory IX

Question 7: In 1224, Andrew issued the Diploma Andreanum which unified and ensured the special privileges of the ________.
Danube SwabiansBaltic GermansBanat SwabiansTransylvanian Saxons

Question 8: 1204 – 1237), wife of Tzar ________
Samuel of BulgariaMichael Asen I of BulgariaIvan Asen II of BulgariaKaloyan of Bulgaria

Question 9: 1177 – 21 September 1235), ________[1](1205-1235).
Kingdom of HungaryKing of HungaryHistory of HungaryKingdom of Hungary in the Middle Ages

Question 10: Andrew was generous primarily with his wife's ________ relatives and followers, which caused discontent among his subjects.
GermansGermanyAustriaEthnic Germans


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