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Andrea Beaumont: Quiz


Question 1: Andrea is forced to break off the engagement and move to ________, however, when she learns that her father has double-crossed the Mafia.
EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 2: Andrea Beaumont, also known as the Phantasm, is a fictional character in the ________.
Batman: The Animated SeriesBatman BeyondDC animated universeSuperman: The Animated Series

Question 3: In conjunction with the release of Mask of the Phantasm in 1993, Kenner released a Phantasm ________.
DC Universe ClassicsTransformers (toy line)Action figureMcFarlane Toys

Question 4: When they learn that Beaumont has ________ from them, they demand immediate repayment.

Question 5: The fact that Andrea is secretly the main villain is another convention of this ________.
Greek mythologyAristotleRhetoricStock character

Question 6: The Phantasm reappears as an assassin in ________ (in the Season 2 finale, "Epilogue").
Static ShockBatman: The Brave and the BoldBatman BeyondJustice League Unlimited

Question 7: He finally decides to abandon crime-fighting — instead pledging part of his inheritance to the ________ — so he can marry Andrea.
Two-FaceBatmanGotham City Police DepartmentJames Gordon (comics)

Question 8: Conceived by Alan Burnett and ________, she first appeared in the 1993 animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm as the ex-fiancé of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Batman BeyondJustice League UnlimitedPaul DiniBatman: The Animated Series

Question 9: The Phantasm's costume was designed by Bruce Timm as per Alan Burnett's initial description of a ________-esque character.
Death (personification)HeavenBiblical canonAfterlife

Question 10: However, she survives (and as ________ reveals, so does the Joker) and leaves a locket for Bruce in the Batcave as a keepsake.
Batman: The Animated SeriesThe New Batman AdventuresBatman BeyondThe Batman (TV series)


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