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André Breton: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Andr Breton produce?
Modern Drama
Comedy, Grunge
Histories, poetry, essays

Question 2: Vaché committed ________ at age 24 and his war-time letters to Breton and others were published in a volume entitled Lettres de guerre (1919), for which Breton wrote four introductory essays.
EuthanasiaSuicideCremationDeath and culture

Question 3:

Question 4:
What is the nationality of Andr Breton?
British, Spanish, French
Romanian, French
Russian French

Question 5:
Who of the following was a child of Andr Breton?
Aube Breton
Kelly Simpson
Sonja Harper

Question 6:
Where was Andr Breton born?

Question 7: Crevel, who according to Salvador Dalí, was "the only serious ________ among surrealists" [1] was isolated from Breton and other surrealists, who were unhappy with Crevel because of his homosexuality and upset with communists as a whole.
Communist stateCommunismMarxismSocialism

Question 8: [4] One of the walls from the apartment is preserved at the ________.
Père Lachaise CemeteryLouvreMusée National d'Art ModerneCentre Georges Pompidou

Question 9: Breton, had been insulted by Ehrenburg—along with all fellow surrealists—in a pamphlet which said, among other things, that surrealists were "________".
PederastySocietal attitudes toward homosexualityHomosexualityLGBT history

Question 10: During 1935, there was a conflict between Breton and ________ during the first "International Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture" which opened in Paris in June.
Vladimir LeninIlya EhrenburgRussiaJoseph Stalin

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