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Andorian: Quiz


Question 1: Andor at ________ (a Star Trek wiki)
Star Trek: The Motion PictureMemory AlphaTrekkieStar Trek: First Contact

Question 2: The next year, Andorian commander ________ helped counter the Xindi threat to Earth.
List of minor recurring characters in Star Trek: EnterpriseList of Star Trek characters (A–F)Khan Noonien SinghList of Star Trek characters (G–M)

Question 3: In 2153, the Guard sent a ship into the ________ in vain, to capture a Xindi weapon to use against Vulcan.
List of Star Trek racesList of Star Trek regions of spaceList of Star Trek: Enterprise episodesXindi (Star Trek)

Question 4: Andorians share their homeworld with an obscure telepathic subspecies, ________, which have either light blue or white skin.
List of Star Trek characters (A–F)List of Star Trek racesVulcan (Star Trek)Borg (Star Trek)

Question 5: The non-canonical Star Trek: Star Charts cites Andor as the seventh planet in orbit about the star Procyon (________) in the Alpha quadrant.
Beta Canis MinorisProcyonBetelgeuseSirius

Question 6: In 2161, Andorians -- along with humans, Tellarites, and Vulcans -- founded the ________.
RomulanUnited Federation of PlanetsBorg (Star Trek)Vulcan (Star Trek)

Question 7: About 2104, Andorians made contact with the ________, dispelling their mythological status.
List of Star Trek racesList of Star Trek characters (A–F)Borg (Star Trek)Vulcan (Star Trek)

Question 8: They are native to the icy M-class moon Andoria (also called Andor[1]), which orbits a blue, ringed ________.
JupiterSaturnGas giantTerrestrial planet

Question 9: Andorian extras in the background of Star Trek: The Motion Picture wore ________ with large geode stones.
JewelleryBrassBody piercingGold

Question 10: Women wore ________-like garb.


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