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Ancus Marcius: Quiz


Question 1: According to ________ the war was commenced by the Latins who anticipated Ancus would follow the pious pursuit of peace adopted by his grandfather, Numa Pompilius.
Roman EmpireClassical LatinLivyAncient Rome

Question 2: Ancus Marcius incorporated the Janiculum into the city, fortifying it with a wall and connecting it with the city by a wooden bridge across the Tiber, the ________.
Pons CestiusPons SubliciusPons FabriciusPons Aemilius

Question 3: Its residents were removed to settle on the Aventine Hill in Rome as new citizens, following the Roman traditions from wars with the ________ and Albans.
SabineMonte CavoPontine MarshesLatins (Italic tribe)

Question 4: 640 BC – 616 BC) was the fourth of the ________.
Byzantine EmpireRoman KingdomKing of RomeRoman Empire

Question 5: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Copyright infringementIntellectual propertyCopyrightPublic domain

Question 6: He extended Roman territory to the sea, founding the port of Ostia, establishing salt-works around the port, and taking the Silva Maesia, an area of coastal forest north of the ________, from the Veientes.
SabineLazioLake BolsenaTiber River

Question 7: According to a reconstruction of the ________, Ancus Marcius celebreated at least one triumph, over the Sabines and Veientes.
Roman triumphRoman KingdomAncient RomeImperial cult (ancient Rome)


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