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Question 1: 1974 - ________ aka Rael (book, Le Livre Qui Dit La Vérité (The Book Which Tells the Truth))
RaëlismRaëlian Church membership estimatesClaude VorilhonRaëlian beliefs and practices

Question 2: Some of these theories propose that ________ from most—if not all—religions are actually extraterrestrials, and their technologies were taken as evidence of their divine status.

Question 3: On one such occasion, he claims that he was informed that humans were created by an advanced extraterrestrial humanoid race, the ________, using their knowledge of DNA and genetics.

Question 4: Raëlism, or Raëlianism, is a religious movement created by ________, better known as Raël.
Raëlian beliefs and practicesRaëlian Church membership estimatesClaude VorilhonRaëlian Embassy for Extraterrestrials

Question 5: The Raëlian movement also argues against evolution and supports human ________.

Question 6: Additionally, the characteristics of the ________ and the Urim and Thummim are identified as suggesting high technology, perhaps from alien origins.
TabernacleArk of the CovenantSolomon's TempleRaiders of the Lost Ark

Question 7: In the Biblical Old Testament, the ________ tells of a flying object seen as a fiery whirlwind which when descended to the ground gave the appearance of being made of metal.
Book of DanielBook of EzekielBook of JobBooks of Kings

Question 8: (See also ________, a text on Vimanas supposedly "channeled" in the early 20th century.)[19][citation needed]
RigvedaShivkar Bapuji TalpadeSanskritVaimanika Shastra

Question 9: Writing professor Joe Nickell of the ________, using only technology he believed to be available to people of the time, was able to recreate one of the larger figures with a reasonable degree of accuracy.
Kentucky WildcatsPatterson School of Diplomacy and International CommerceUniversity of LouisvilleUniversity of Kentucky

Question 10: These theories have been popularized, particularly in the latter half of the 20th century, by writers Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin, Robert K.G. Temple, and ________.
Zeitgeist, the MovieArchitects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth9/11 conspiracy theoriesDavid Icke


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