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Ancient Near East: Quiz


Question 1: [4] Yamhad was an ancient ________ kingdom.

Question 2: The ________ were a Semitic (West Semitic language group), semi-nomadic and pastoralist people who had lived in upper Mesopotamia and Syria.

Question 3: Sumer, located in southern ________, is the earliest known civilization in the world.
Akkadian EmpireMesopotamiaAssyriaBabylonia

Question 4: At the height of its power, encompassing approximately 7.5 million square kilometers, the Achaemenid Empire was territorially the largest empire of ________.
Classical antiquityClassicsGreco-Roman worldRoman Empire

Question 5: [1] Named after the Sumerian city of ________, this period saw the emergence of urban life in Mesopotamia.
UrukBabylonBabyloniaAkkadian Empire

Question 6: It was situated in the highlands of southeastern ________, near the Gulf of ─░skenderun in modern-day Turkey.
Turkish peopleOttoman EmpireAnatoliaIstanbul

Question 7: In the classical period the land was a part of ________.

Question 8: Luwian speakers gradually spread through Anatolia and became a contributing factor to the downfall, after circa 1180 BCE, of the ________, where it was already widely spoken.
Akkadian EmpireHistory of the HittitesPhoeniciaAlexander the Great

Question 9: The largest and most influential Hurrian nation was the kingdom of ________.
Short chronology timelineMitanniAssyriaHurrians

Question 10: It is thought to have been inhabited since the 5th millennium BCE, although it flourished from 2900 BCE until 1759 BCE, when it was sacked by ________.


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