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Ancient Macedonian language: Quiz


Question 1: κεβλὴ keblê ________ Fr.140 Macedonian κεβ(α)λή keb(a)lē versus Attic κεφαλή kephalē ('head')
CallimachusEgyptGreeksGreek literature

Question 2: in scorn or malice), (σαρόω-ῶ saroô sweep clean, wipe out, sarôsis sweeping away, sarôtron broom), (sarônis an old hollow ________)
EnglandOakEuropeUnited States

Question 3: (________ - ca.200 BC, hapax)[36].

Question 4: ἑταῖροι hetairoi , companion cavalry after 350 BC[35] (Attic hetaîroi, comrades) ________ *swe-t-aro < suffixed form of *swe)
Armenian languageCentum-Satem isoglossIndo-European studiesProto-Indo-European language

Question 5: παραός paraos eagle or kind of eagle (Attic aetos , Pamphylian aibetos) (________ *por- 'going, passage' + *awi- 'bird') (Greek para- 'beside' + Hes.
Indo-European studiesCentum-Satem isoglossArmenian languageProto-Indo-European language

Question 6: Ὑπερβέρετος Hyperberetos ________ month June, Macedonian September Hyperberetaios (Hellenic Calendars) (Attic hyperpheretês supreme, hyperpherô transfer,excel)

Question 7: ________ Agrotera (Huntress[32]), Gazoreitis (from Gazoros, north of Kerkini lake), Bloureitis (fond of mountains).
ApolloGreek mythologyHeraArtemis

Question 8: ________ ca. 400-350 BC Dexios from Herakleion
PellaAlexander the GreatAncient GreeceMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 9: βάσκιοι baskioi '________' (Hes.
Fascist symbolismUnited StatesAncient RomeFasces

Question 10: ἀργιόπους argiopous '________' (LSJ Attic ἀργίπους argípous 'swift- or white-footed', PIE *hrg'i-pods < PIE *arg + PIE *ped)
Golden EagleBald EagleAquila (genus)Eagle


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