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Question 1: The wine was almost always diluted, usually with water or ________ when the wine was to be served cold.
Precipitation (meteorology)RainMeteorologySnow

Question 2: The influence of ________ on wine is significant not only to the Greek wine industry but to the development of almost all European wine regions and to the history of wine itself.
Classical antiquityAncient GreeceRoman GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 3: Early remnants of amphorae show that the Mycenaeans actively traded wine throughout the ancient world in places like ________, Egypt, Palestine, Sicily and southern Italy.

Question 4: The Greek 4th century BC writer ________ left a detailed record of some of the Greek influences and innovation in the realm of viticulture and grape growing.
AvicennaMuhammad ibn Zakariya al-RaziAristotleTheophrastus

Question 5: With every major trading partner, from the ________, Egypt, Scythia, Etruria and beyond, the Greeks traded their knowledge of viticulture and winemaking, as well the fruits of their own production.
GagauziaCrimeaNakhchivanSouth Ossetia

Question 6: Bibline is believed to be a wine made in a similar style to the Phoenician wine from ________, highly praised for its perfumed fragrance by Greek writers like Archestratus.
Tyre, LebanonGenoaByblosSidon

Question 7: The Greeks believed that only ________ drank unmixed or undiluted wine and that the Spartan king Cleomenes I was once driven insane after drinking wine this way.
BarbarianDemosthenesClassical antiquityEurope

Question 8: The Greek version of the wine is believed to have originated in ________ from a grape variety known as "Bibline".
GreeceRoman EmpireThraciansThrace

Question 9: The wines that were most frequently cited as being of good quality were the wines of Chalkidike, Ismaros, ________, Kos, Lesbos, Mende, Niaxos, Peparethos (today known as Skopelos) and Thasos.
ChiosDelosPatmosSamos Island

Question 10: ________ wrote that Laertes, father of Odysseus, had over 50 varieties planted in different parts of his vineyard.
Ancient GreeceHomerTroyClassical antiquity

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