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Question 1: Rapidly increasing population in the 8th and 7th centuries had resulted in emigration of many Greeks to form colonies in Magna Graecia (Southern Italy and ________), Asia Minor and further afield.

Question 2: The rise of ________ and Sparta as pre-eminent powers during this conflict led directly to the Peloponnesian War, which saw further development of the nature of warfare, strategy and tactics.

Question 3: Ancient Greece website from the ________
British MuseumVictoria and Albert MuseumImperial War MuseumNational Gallery (London)

Question 4: Forced to attack, the crippled Athenian fleet was decisively defeated by the Spartans under the command of ________ at Aegospotami.
LysanderAgesilaus IIAlexander the GreatAlcibiades

Question 5: The Aetolian league grew wary of Roman involvement in Greece, and sided with the Seleucids in the ________; when the Romans were victorious, the league was effectively absorbed into the Republic.
Macedonian WarsRoman–Syrian WarRoman RepublicFirst Macedonian War

Question 6: Although the ________ was inconclusive, the Romans, in typical fashion, continued to make war on Macedon until it was completely absorbed into the Roman Republic (by 149 BC).
Second Punic WarFirst Macedonian WarSecond Macedonian WarAncient Greece

Question 7: The ________ (c.710-c.650 BC) was an ongoing conflict with the distinction of being the earliest documented war of the ancient Greek period.
Ancient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsLelantine WarTrojan War

Question 8: Greece was a key eastern province of the ________, as the Roman culture had long been in fact Greco-Roman.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 9: The ________, a device for calculating the movements of planets, dates from about 80 B.C., and was the first ancestor of the astronomical computer.
Greek astronomyAlmagestAntikythera mechanismAnaximander

Question 10: A playwright named ________ changed Western literature forever when he introduced the ideas of dialogue and interacting characters to playwriting.
HomerSophoclesAncient GreeceAeschylus

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