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Ancient Egyptian religion: Quiz


Question 1: The Ptolemaic religious system changed little after Egypt became a province of the ________, with the Ptolemaic kings replaced by distant emperors.
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 2: In this state, he was directly identified with Ra, and was also associated with ________, god of death and rebirth and the mythological father of Horus.
OsirisAncient Egyptian religionSet (mythology)Isis

Question 3: Scarabs : The History, Manufacture and Symbolism of the Scarab├Žus at ________
Amazon KindleProject GutenbergProject Gutenberg AustraliaGoogle Books

Question 4: In 383 AD, when Christianity had become the official religion of the empire, Emperor ________ ordered the closing of all pagan temples, including those in Egypt.
Valentinian IIConstantine ITheodosius IDiocletian

Question 5: With the Neopagan emergence in the 20th century, a form of reconstructed ancient Egyptian religion called ________ was formed.
Neo-druidismNeopaganismKemetismFinnish Neopaganism

Question 6: Draper, Robert (February 2008). "Black Pharaohs". ________ 213 (2).
Canadian GeographicNational Geographic SocietyGeographical (magazine)National Geographic (magazine)

Question 7: Over the course of the Middle Kingdom, however, he was displaced in that role by ________, who had originated elsewhere.
OsirisAmunEgyptian pantheonAncient Egyptian religion

Question 8: The relationships between deities could also be expressed in the process of ________, in which two or more different gods were linked to form a composite deity.

Question 9: [5] The forces deified in this way included animals, as with ________, who represented the ferocity of lions, and inanimate elements, such as Shu, the deification of air.
Egyptian pantheonSekhmetMutHathor

Question 10: In myth, the movement of the sun across the sky was explained as Ra traveling in a ________, and the setting of the sun was regarded as Ra's entry into the underworld, through which he journeyed during the night.
WindjammerBarqueCatboatTall ship


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