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Ancient Egyptian burial customs: Quiz


Question 1: These rituals and protocols included mummification, casting of ________, and burial with specific grave goods thought to be needed in the afterlife.
NeopaganismWitchcraftMagic (paranormal)Religion

Question 2: Also, a type of rectangular ________ became the standard, being brightly painted and often including an offering formula.

Question 3: The Pharaoh Unas was the first to use this collection of spells, as he and a few subsequent pharaohs had them carved on the walls of their ________.
Mexico CityUnited StatesMexicoPyramid

Question 4: The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony was conducted by a priest who would utter a spell and touch the mummy or sarcophagus with a ceremonial ________ - a copper or stone blade.
Drill bitSawAdzeAxe

Question 5: Part of a series on
Ancient Egyptian religionSyncretismGnosticismPrehistoric religion

Question 6: In this period, the nobles and many non-royal Egyptians began to have access to funerary literature, which later evolved into the well-known ________.
Four sons of HorusBook of the DeadAncient Egyptian religionMaat


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