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Ancien Régime in France: Quiz


Question 1: The south of France was governed by written law adapted from the Roman legal system, the north of France by ________ (in 1453 these common laws were codified into a written form).
Civil law (legal system)Common lawReception statuteSharia

Question 2: Cours des aides - Paris, Clermont, ________, Montauban.
PessacBarsac, GirondeBordeauxSaint-Émilion

Question 3: Finally, abbots, cardinals and other prelates were frequently employed by the kings as ambassadors, members of his councils (such as Richelieu and ________) and in other administrative positions.
André-Hercule de FleuryCardinal MazarinLouis Auguste Le Tonnelier de BreteuilÉtienne François, duc de Choiseul

Question 4: For more information on the Ancien Régime economy, see ________.
Economic history of FranceEconomic history of the United KingdomEarly Modern FranceEconomic history of Portugal

Question 5: under Francis I - ________ (1532)
BrittanyBreton languageNantesBreton people

Question 6: Conseils souverains - ________ (Colmar), Roussillon (Perpignan), Artois (a conseil provincial, Arras) and (from 1553-1559) Corsica (Bastia); formerly Flanders, Navarre and Lorraine (converted into parlements).

Question 7: Généralité of ________ (Aunis and Saintonge)
La RochelleAytréRoyanÎle-d'Aix

Question 8: Their role steadily increased and by the mid 17th century, the généralités were under the authority of a "________", and they became a vehicle for the expansion of royal power in matters of justice, taxation and policing.
Early Modern FranceCardinal RichelieuSpanish EmpireIntendant

Question 9: Chambre des comptes - Paris, ________, Blois, Grenoble, Nantes.

Question 10: In an effort to reduce the case load in the parlements, certain bailliages were given extended powers by ________: these were called présidiaux.
Charles IX of FranceFrancis I of FranceHenry III of FranceHenry II of France


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