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Ancien Régime: Quiz


Question 1: Society was divided into three ________: the First Estate, Roman Catholic clergy; the Second Estate, the nobility; and the Third Estate, the rest of the population.
Parliament of ScotlandEstates of the realmParliamentFrench States-General

Question 2: ________'s other anciens régimes had similar origins, but diverse ends: some eventually became constitutional monarchies, whereas others were torn down by wars and revolutions.
EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 3: As defined by the creators of the term, the Ancien Régime developed out of the French monarchy of the Middle Ages, and was swept away centuries later by the ________ of 1789.
National Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench RevolutionFrench Directory

Question 4: The Ancien Régime retained many aspects of a feudal system that had existed since at least the 8th century, in particular noble and aristocratic privilege, and was supported by the doctrine of the ________.
Absolute monarchyDivine right of kingsMonarchyMagna Carta

Question 5: The term dates from the ________ (first appearing in print in English in 1794) and was originally pejorative in nature.
HumanismAge of EnlightenmentDeismDavid Hume

Question 6: However, although ________ was strongly affected by the French Revolution and its aftermath, the break was not as sharp as in France.

Question 7: Power in the Ancien Régime relied on three pillars: the monarchy, the ________, and the aristocracy.

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