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Anchialine pool: Quiz


Question 1: An anchialine pool is a landlocked body with a subterranean connection to the ________.
NatureEarthOceanNatural environment

Question 2: Depending on the site, it is sometimes possible to access the deeper saline water directly in the anchialine pool or sometimes it may be accessible by ________.
Scuba setRebreatherScuba divingCave diving

Question 3: The primary controls on the damping and lag are the distance from the coast, and the ________ of the geological materials.
Water contentPermeability (earth sciences)Hydraulic conductivityPorosity

Question 4: Anchialine pools are a feature of coastal ________ which are density stratified, with the water near the surface being fresh or brackish, and saline water intruding from the coast below at some depth.
AquiferGroundwaterHydrogeologyWater content

Question 5: Such conditions occur notably where the bedrock is limestone or recently formed volcanic ________.
Igneous rockVolcanoBasaltLava

Question 6: Many anchialine pools are found on the coastlines of the island of Hawaii, and on the Yucatán Peninsula, where they are locally called ________.
CenoteCaveCave paintingCaving


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