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Question 1: the 4th ________, abbreviated "C4"), or the rib cage (e.g.
Atlas (anatomy)Thoracic vertebraeSacrumCervical vertebrae

Question 2: The mid-inguinal point, a point midway between the anterior superior iliac spine and the ________.
Lesser sciatic foramenLigamentGreater sciatic foramenPubic symphysis

Question 3: "Appendages" would include ________ fins (see Fig.

Question 4: The mid-pupillary line, a line running vertically down the face through the midpoint of the ________ when looking directly forwards.
RetinaCiliary musclePupilIris dilator muscle

Question 5: For example, the top of a ________'s paw is its dorsal surface; the underside, either the palmar (on the forelimb) or the plantar (on the hindlimb) surface.
Dog healthCoat (dog)Dog breedDog

Question 6: For example, the shoulders are superior to the navel, but inferior to the ________ in humans.
EyeBrainNervous systemSensory system

Question 7: In organisms with a changeable shape, such as ________ organisms (Fig.

Question 8: Sometimes the orientation of certain planes needs to be distinguished, for instance in ________ techniques such as sonography, CT scans, MRI scans, or PET scans.
Functional magnetic resonance imagingMedical imagingRadiologyNeuroimaging

Question 9: Thus, the ________ are posterior to the nose, but anterior to the back of the head in humans.
BrainEyeSensory systemNervous system

Question 10: In such organisms, the end with a mouth (or equivalent structure, such as the cytostome in Paramecium or Stentor), or the end that usually points in the direction of the organism's locomotion (such as the end with the ________ in Euglena), is normally designated as the anterior end.

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