Anatolians: Quiz

Question 1: They inhabited some Aegean Islands near ________, were they headed west and met with Greek Islanders, who became their trading partners.

Question 2: There, the Plateau Anatolians were united, and were joined by a probably Crimean tribe that started the ________.
PhoeniciaHistory of the HittitesAlexander the GreatAkkadian Empire

Question 3: The Plateau Anatolians expanded down from their mountains, reaching ________ villages.
Sea PeoplesBronze Age collapseCanaanPhilistines

Question 4: The ________ and Assyrians along with Syriacs, influenced Eastern Anatolians, who carried all of their Mesopotamian and Syrian influences, along with their one, to the Hittites.
BabyloniaMesopotamiaAkkadian EmpireSumer

Question 5: The Anatolians are mainly divided into ________.
SubgroupAbelian groupQuotient groupGroup (mathematics)

Question 6: They decided to go back to Anatolia, through Syria and Israel, who weren't hostile, and then got to ________, where the natives, or the Montinu, attacked.
Suez CanalSinai PeninsulaSix-Day WarEgypt

Question 7: The term "Anatolian" denotes any ethnic inhabitant of Anatolia descended from the inhabitants native to the ________ before the Turks arrived in the region.
Ottoman EmpireIstanbulTurkeyAnatolia

Question 8: The Sea People are often recorded in Hittite (see either below or link), Egyptian, and ________.
GreeceGreeksClassical GreeceHistory of Greece

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