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Anatolian rock: Quiz


Question 1: Anatolian Rock (Turkish: Anadolu Rock) is a fusion of Turkish folk and ________.
British rockHeavy metal musicRock musicRock and roll

Question 2: The Turkish Rock movement is believed to have begun in the 1950s with the arrival of ________ and developed further during the next decade with the increasing popularity of Western music acts.
Hank MarvinThe ShadowsJohn RostillCliff Richard

Question 3: The specific influences acting upon these bands fall into a wide range of genres, from the ________ to heavy or doom metal and rapcore.
GrungeAlternative rockNoise rockRiot Grrrl

Question 4: Such cultural fusion led the way for ________ to develop in Turkey.
British rockRock and rollHeavy metal musicRock music

Question 5: Following these developments, from 1966 to about 1975, ________ became extremely popular in Turkey, notably the work of guitarist Erkin Koray.
Rock musicPsychedelic rockProgressive rockJam band


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