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Question 1: According to the Toronto Globe and Mail, he was a member of the ________ for three years, but quit before enlisting in the U.S.
Communist Party USARepublican Party (United States)Democratic Party (United States)Socialist Workers Party (United States)

Question 2: [3] This work linked social networks to the ________, and by extension, to epidemiology.
Hierarchical incompetenceInformation Routing GroupCentral mediaDiffusion of innovations

Question 3: It prefigured the study of ________, by showing the rapid spread of information in a population to almost all—but not all—school members (see references below).
Family therapyStanley MilgramSix degrees of separationEdward Thorndike

Question 4: He was recognized in the 1980s for his contribution to world peace through nuclear conflict restraint via his game theoretic models of psychological ________.
Dispute resolutionMediationAlternative dispute resolutionConflict resolution

Question 5: Army Air Corps in 1941, serving in ________ and India during World War II.
Northwestern United StatesHawaiiWashingtonAlaska

Question 6: degree in mathematics under ________ at the University of Chicago in 1941.
Society for Mathematical BiologyRobert RosenNicolas RashevskyMathematical and theoretical biology

Question 7: He combined his mathematical expertise with psychological insights into the study of ________, social networks and semantics.
Evolutionarily stable strategyNash equilibriumPrisoner's dilemmaGame theory

Question 8: From 1955 to 1970 Rapoport was Professor of Mathematical Biology and Senior Research Mathematician at the ________, as well as founding member, in 1955, of the Mental Health Research Institute (MHRI) at the University of Michigan.
Ohio State UniversityUniversity of MichiganMichigan State UniversityWayne State University

Question 9: In 1922, he came to the United States, and in 1928 he became a ________.
NaturalizationRefugeeNationalityIllegal immigration

Question 10: He told at a teach-in: "By undertaking the war against ________, the United States has undertaken a war against humanity....
Papua New GuineaEast TimorVietnamPhilippines

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