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Anathema: Quiz


Question 1: On the First Sunday of ________, which is known as the "Sunday of Orthodoxy", the church celebrates the Rite of Orthodoxy, at which anathemas are pronounced against numerous heresies.
EasterGood FridayGreat LentPentecostarion

Question 2: For they … by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple", and Matthew 18:10-18 which recounts the ________ of the Good Shepherd, and provides the procedure to be followed in dealing with those who err:

Question 3: [citation needed] The earliest recorded instance of the form is in the ________ (c.
Synod of ElviraEcumenical councilBishopFirst Council of Nicaea

Question 4: While "minor excommunication" could be incurred by associating with an excommunicate, and "major excommunication" could be imposed by any bishop, "anathema" was imposed by the ________ in a specific ceremony described in the Pontificale Romanum.
PopeCatholic ChurchPope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II

Question 5: In the fifth century, a formal distinction between anathema and excommunication evolved, where excommunication entailed cutting off a person or group from the rite of ________ and attendance at worship, while anathema meant a complete separation of the subject from the Church.
EucharistEucharistic theologySacramental breadTransubstantiation

Question 6: Wearing a purple ________ (the liturgical color of penitence) and holding a lighted candle, he, surrounded by twelve priests, also with lighted candles, pronounced the anathema with a formula that concluded with the words:
BishopMass (liturgy)CopeSurplice

Question 7: There is some difficulty translating this ________, especially since it has now become commonly used with the term accursed or "accustomed".
WordLexemeMorphology (linguistics)Function word

Question 8: "To call ________ denounced" [anathema] (1 Corinthians 12:3) is to pronounce him execrated or accursed.
New TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelJesus

Question 9: ________ issued twelve anathemas against Nestorius in 431.
Basil of CaesareaAthanasius of AlexandriaCyril of AlexandriaJohn Chrysostom

Question 10: The Synodicon continues to be proclaimed annually, together with additional prayers and petitions in ________ and major monasteries throughout the Orthodox Church.
Primate (religion)Catholic ChurchBishopCathedral


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