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Anastomosis: Quiz


Question 1: Portacaval anastomosis, by contrast, is an anastomosis between a vein of the portal circulation and a vein of the systemic circulation, which allows blood to bypass the liver in patients with portal hypertension, often resulting in ________, esophageal varices, or caput medusae.
Colorectal cancerHemorrhoidAnal fissureConstipation

Question 2: The term is used in medicine, ________, mycology and geology.

Question 3: ________ anastomosis results from trauma or disease and may involve veins, arteries, or intestines.
Infectious diseasePathology as a medical specialtyPathologyInfection

Question 4: Rivers with anastomose reaches include the Magdalena River in Colombia,[5] the upper Columbia River in ________, Canada,[6] and the upper Narew River in Poland.
AlbertaBritish ColumbiaPacific NorthwestOntario

Question 5: In ________, anastomosis refers to quartz (or other) veins displaying this property, which is often related to shearing in metamorphic regions.
Earth scienceGeologyNatureEarth

Question 6: In some fungi, two different ________ mating types — if compatible — merge.


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