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Question 1: In 1810 General Calleja mobilized the army to fight the rebels under ________, and Bustamante participated on the royalist side in all the actions of the Army of the Center.
MexicoAgustín de IturbideMiguel Hidalgo y CostillaMexico City

Question 2: Anastasio Bustamante's father, José María, worked hauling snow from the volcanos of ________ to Guadalajara, but was able to provide his son with a good education.

Question 3: He defeated them 14 August at Gallinero, Dolores Hidalgo, ________, and then returned to fight Santa Anna, who was nearing Puebla.
QuerétaroGuanajuatoHidalgo (state)Yucatán

Question 4: About the same time, Guatemalan general Miguel Gutiérrez invaded ________.

Question 5: At the fall of the Empire in 1823, he joined the ranks of the federalists, for which he was arrested and confined at ________, but President Guadalupe Victoria again put him in command of the Provincias Internas.
AcapulcoIxcateopan de CuauhtémocTaxcoZihuatanejo

Question 6: Anastasio Bustamante y Oseguera (27 July 1780 – 6 February 1853) was ________ three times, from 1830 to 1832, from 1837 to 1839 and from 1839 to 1841.
President of MexicoFelipe CalderónCarlos Salinas de GortariVicente Fox

Question 7: The French declared war on 27 November 1838 (the Pastry War), bombarded San Juan de Ulúa, and occupied ________ (5 December).
Nautla, VeracruzAlvarado, VeracruzVeracruzXalapa

Question 8: Bustamante temporarily left the presidency from 20 March to 18 July 1839 to campaign against rebel General José Urrea in ________.
Ciudad VictoriaMatamoros, TamaulipasNortheastern MexicoTamaulipas

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