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Anarcho-capitalism: Quiz


Question 1: It is in terms of the non-aggression principle that Rothbard defined ________; he defined "anarchism as a system which provides no legal sanction for such aggression ['against person and property']" and said that "what anarchism proposes to do, then, is to abolish the State, i.e.
Noam ChomskyHenry David ThoreauAnarchismIndividualist anarchism

Question 2: In The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson the ________ headed by the character Hagbard Celine is anarcho-capitalist.
Principia DiscordiaKerry Wendell ThornleyDiscordianismEris (mythology)

Question 3: It can be argued that a ________ would inevitably gain a military monopoly through economy of scale thus securing significant market power and undermining potential entrants into the market.
Anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-capitalist literaturePrivate defense agencyAnarchist economics

Question 4: To the extent that anarcho-capitalism is thought of as a theory or ________—rather than a social process—critics say that it is unlikely ever to be more than a utopian ideal.
IdeologyJürgen HabermasSociologyPolitics

Question 5: ________, The Economics and Ethics of Private Property
Austrian SchoolMurray RothbardHans-Hermann HoppeFriedrich von Hayek

Question 6: Morris and Linda Tannehill, in ________, object to any statutory law whatsoever.
Anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-capitalism and minarchismThe Market for LibertyLibertarian perspectives on revolution

Question 7: On the other hand, he holds that ________ are in some situations compatible with a free society.
Copyright on typefacesIntellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright

Question 8: ________ lawyer, law professor at Georgetown University Law Center and legal theorist.
Friedrich von HayekAnarcho-capitalismLibertarianismRandy Barnett

Question 9: ________, Anarcho-Capitalism: An Annotated Bibliography
Friedrich von HayekMurray RothbardAustrian SchoolHans-Hermann Hoppe

Question 10: Central to anarcho-capitalism are the concepts of ________ and original appropriation:
Self-ownershipNegative libertyClassical liberalismIndividualist anarchism

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