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Question 1: It was translated into English in the year 1885, under the editorship of Sir ________ .
One Thousand and One NightsSamuel BakerRichard Francis BurtonIslam

Question 2: In addition to the extensive catalogue of sexual positions for both partners, there are details regarding ________ and lure.
MasturbationHuman sexualityForeplayOrgasm

Question 3: The Ananga Ranga (Stage of Love) or Kamaledhiplava (Boat in the Sea of Love) is an Indian sex manual written by Kalyana malla in the 15th or 16th century ________.
Gregorian calendarAnno DominiByzantine calendarJulian calendar

Question 4: The book provides instructions in how a ________ can promote the love for his wife through sexual pleasure.

Question 5: He was related to the ________, which from 1451 to 1526 ruled India.
Delhi SultanateBaburAgraLodi dynasty

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