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Analytic philosophy: Quiz


Question 1: However, as the influence of ________ began to wane mid-century, contemporary analytic philosophers began to have a renewed interest in ethics.
AristotleLogical positivismNominalismScholasticism

Question 2: The best-known member of this school is Oxford University philosopher ________, whose 1978 work, Karl Marx's Theory of History: A Defence is generally taken as representing the genesis of this school.
Philippe Van ParijsGerald CohenAnalytical MarxismJoshua Cohen (philosopher)

Question 3:
When was the Analytic philosophy?
February 2010
December 2006-February 2008
February - June 2004
August 1970-February 1971

Question 4: Their ________ (1910–1913) encouraged many philosophers to take a renewed interest in the development of symbolic logic.
Principia MathematicaAxiomType theoryGottlob Frege

Question 5: Examples of this view ________, prescriptivism, quasi-realism, and expressivism.
Non-cognitivismDavid HumeEmotivismMeta-ethics

Question 6: [31] Alston, grappling with the consequences of analytic ________, worked on the nature of religious language.
Outline of philosophyLogical positivismPhilosophy of languageAristotle

Question 7: (b) specific developments in early twentieth century philosophy, such as the work of ________ and Gottlob Frege, and logical positivism.
AristotleBertrand RussellWillard Van Orman QuineAlfred North Whitehead

Question 8: Like Frege, Bertrand Russell and ________ attempted to show that mathematics is reducible to fundamental logical principles.
Alfred North WhiteheadEmpiricismWillard Van Orman QuineAristotle

Question 9: ________ In philosophy of mind, the view that there exist two kinds of substance: physical and non-physical (the mind), and subsequently also two kinds of properties which adhere in those respective substances.
Dualism (philosophy of mind)Gottfried LeibnizPhysicalismMaterialism

Question 10: 1970), has been contemporary ethical philosophy's overwhelming concern with practical applications, especially in relation to environmental issues, ________ and the many challenges thrown up by advancing medical science.
Peter SingerAnimal testingAnimal liberation movementAnimal rights


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