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Analogy: Quiz


Question 1: An analogy can be a spoken or textual comparison between two words (or sets of words) to highlight some form of ________ similarity between them.
PragmaticsSemanticsLinguisticsFormal semantics

Question 2: From there analogy was understood as identity of relation between any two ________, whether of mathematical nature or not.
Ordered pairFunction (mathematics)Set theorySet (mathematics)

Question 3: Another example is the ________ based on electrical, electronic or mechanical devices.
CochleaBasilar membraneAnalog earInner ear

Question 4: ________ takes the idea of mathematical analogy much further with the concept of functors.
Mathematical logicMathematicsAlgebraic topologyCategory theory

Question 5: By contrast, in ________ systems, where precedent cases are the primary source of law, analogies to codes and statutes are rare (since those are not seen as a coherent system, but as incursions into the common law).
ShariaCivil law (legal system)Reception statuteCommon law

Question 6:
Analogy, Oxymoron and Predicate (grammar) are all:
Greek loanwords Logic Linguistics Semantics

Question 7: ________ analogy does not, or at least not apparently.
MindHomoHuman evolutionHuman

Question 8: For example, the English verb help once had the ________ holp and the past participle holpen.
Grammatical aspectPreteriteGerman languageSpanish language

Question 9:
Analogy, Oxymoron and Predicate (grammar) are all:
Conceptual models Semantics Linguistics Greek loanwords

Question 10:
Analogy, Schizophrenia and Psychology are all:
Linguistics Greek loanwords Logic Conceptual models

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