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Analog transmission: Quiz


Question 1: Others define that as ________ and as a digital signal.
ModulationData transmissionOSI modelPhysical Layer

Question 2: Some textbooks also consider passband data transmission using a ________ such as ASK, PSK and QAM, i.e.
Amplitude-shift keyingModulationPhase-shift keyingOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

Question 3: It could be the transfer of an analog source signal using an analog ________ method such as FM or AM, or no modulation at all.
ModulationAmplitude-shift keyingOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingPhase-shift keying

Question 4: However, in situations where a signal often has high ________ and cannot achieve source linearity, or in long distance, high output systems, analog is unattractive due to attenuation problems.
Peak signal-to-noise ratioJohnson–Nyquist noiseNoise (electronics)Signal-to-noise ratio

Question 5: Analog transmission is a transmission method of conveying voice, data, image, signal or video information using a continuous signal which varies in ________, phase, or some other property in proportion to that of a variable.
Crest factorAmplitudeWaveMeasuring instrument

Question 6: ________ data transmission using line codes, resulting in a pulse train, are always considered as digital transmission, although the source signal may be a digitized analog signal.
ModulationBasebandOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingModem


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