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Analog television: Quiz


Question 1: When ________ was introduced, engineers ensured that black and white televisions would still be able to display signals that were broadcast in color.
Color televisionUnited StatesUnited KingdomPAL

Question 2: All systems preceding digital television, such as ________, PAL or SECAM are analog television systems.
Broadcast-safeBroadcast television systemsNTSCATSC (standards)

Question 3: Analog (or analogue) television encodes television picture and sound information and transmits it as an analog signal: one in which the message conveyed by the broadcast signal is a function of deliberate variations in the amplitude and/or ________ of the signal.
OpticsFrequencyWaveElectromagnetic radiation

Question 4: The switchover was originally scheduled for February 17, 2009 until the US Congress passed the ________.
Coupon-eligible converter boxThe CW Television NetworkPublic Broadcasting ServiceDigital television transition in the United States

Question 5: Analog ________ come in a variety of frame rates and resolutions.
Broadcast television systemsNTSCDVB-TATSC (standards)

Question 6: The first was the American ________ (National Television Systems Committee) color television system.
NTSCBroadcast television systemsSECAMPAL

Question 7: Broadcasters using analog television systems encode their signal using ________, PAL or SECAM analog encoding and then modulate this signal onto a VHF or UHF carrier.
Broadcast television systemsNTSCATSC (standards)Broadcast-safe


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