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Anal fissure: Quiz


Question 1: This includes treating and preventing ________ by eating food rich in dietary fiber, drinking enough water, occasional use of a stool softener, and avoiding constipating agents such as caffeine.
Irritable bowel syndromeCrohn's diseaseUlcerative colitisConstipation

Question 2: [6][7] Customary treatments include warm ________, topical anesthetics, high-fiber diet and stool softeners.
Captain R. T. ClaridgeBalneotherapyHydrotherapyWater cure (therapy)

Question 3: A new medical/surgical development came in 1993 when researchers reported injecting ________ into the anal sphincter to relax the sphincter and promote fissure healing.
Botulinum toxinEpibatidineToxiferineOnchidal

Question 4: These include general risks from ________, infection and anal leakage (fecal incontinence).
AnesthesiaSurgeryPain managementMedicine

Question 5: For example, anal fissures are common in women after ________[2], after difficult bowel movements, and in infants following constipation.
Ectopic pregnancyBreech birthChildbirthMiscarriage

Question 6: A combined surgical and pharmacological treatment, administered by colorectal surgeons, is direct injection of ________ (Botox) into the anal sphincter to relax it.
OnchidalToxiferineEpibatidineBotulinum toxin

Question 7: In infants, frequent nappy/________ change can prevent anal fissure.
DiaperAdult diaperHempCotton

Question 8: Anal dilation, or stretching of the anal canal, (Lord's operation) has fallen out of favour in recent years, primarily due to the perceived unacceptably high incidence of ________.
PrednisoneCodeineFecal incontinencePrednisolone

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