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Question 1: In more recent years, physicians have employed a combination strategy including ________ and radiation treatments to reduce the necessity of debilitating surgery.
Cancer immunotherapyAntineoplasticATC code LChemotherapy

Question 2: Benign anal lesions (inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),[7] hemorrhoids, ________ or cicatrices).
Crohn's diseaseColon (anatomy)FistulaUlcerative colitis

Question 3: Anal cancer is most effectively treated with surgery, and in early stage disease (i.e., localised cancer of the anus without metastasis to the inguinal ________), surgery is often curative.
Immune systemSpleenLymphatic systemLymph node

Question 4: ________: Current smokers are several times more likely to develop anal cancer compared with nonsmokers.
Tobacco smokingCannabis (drug)TobaccoSmoking

Question 5: Anal cancer is a type of ________ which arises from the anus, the distal orifice of the gastrointestinal tract.

Question 6: Anal cancer is typically a ________ that arises near the squamocolumnar junction.
MelanomaBasal cell carcinomaBenign fibrous histiocytomaSquamous cell carcinoma

Question 7: Immunosuppression, which is often associated with ________ infection.
HIVHIV and AIDS misconceptionsAIDSSafe sex

Question 8: It is a distinct entity from the more common ________.
Hepatocellular carcinomaStomach cancerColorectal cancerCrohn's disease

Question 9: Some patients have fecal incontinence after combined ________ and radiation.
Cancer immunotherapyChemotherapyAntineoplasticATC code L

Question 10: The ________ estimates that in 2009 about 5,290 new cases of anal cancer will be diagnosed in the United States (about 3,000 in women and 2,000 in men).
New York CityGeorgia (U.S. state)American Cancer SocietyAtlanta

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