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Question 1: For example, psychologists use anagram-oriented tests, often called "anagram solution tasks", to assess the ________ of young adults and adults alike.
Implicit memorySemantic memoryHM (patient)Memory and aging

Question 2: ________ = I end lives
The Fast and the Furious (2001 film)One Race FilmsVin DieselFast & Furious

Question 3: [26] In a genre such as farce or ________, anagrams as names may be used for pointed and satiric effect.

Question 4: ________ = I Am Lord Voldemort
Harry Potter (character)Albus DumbledoreLord VoldemortDeath Eater

Question 5: ________'s book Rocket Boys was adapted into the 1999 film October Sky.
Highty-TightiesCassell ColiseumHomer HickamLane Stadium

Question 6: ________ are usually disregarded (this is usually not relevant for English anagrams), and standard orthography is to be used.
Typographic ligatureLatin-derived alphabetDiacriticAcute accent

Question 7: In ________, players make constrained words from a grid of sixteen random letters, by joining adjacent cubes.
Boggle (game show)Boggle (disambiguation)ScrabbleBoggle

Question 8: Pseudonyms adopted by ________ are sometimes transposed forms of their names; thus "Calvinus" becomes "Alcuinus" (here V = U) or "François Rabelais" = "Alcofribas Nasier".
ProofreadingAuthorCopy (written)Editing

Question 9: Shakespeare's Hamlet is an anagram for the Danish Prince ________.
King HamletKing ClaudiusGertrude (Hamlet)Hamlet (legend)

Question 10: ________'s piano ballad "Jura ser anomalía" (literally "he/she swears to be an anomaly") is an anagram of the composer's full name.
CologneBerlinDarmstadtJuan María Solare

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