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Anaerobic organism: Quiz


Question 1: The GasPak System is an isolated container which achieves an anaerobic environment by the reaction of water with sodium borohydride and ________ tablets to produce hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide.
Sodium hydroxideSodium carbonateSodium chlorideSodium bicarbonate

Question 2: Anaerobic bacteria and ________ use these and many other fermentative pathways, e.g., propionic acid fermentation, butyric acid fermentation, solvent fermentation, mixed acid fermentation, butanediol fermentation, Stickland fermentation, acetogenesis or methanogenesis.

Question 3: An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any ________ that does not require oxygen for growth, could possibly react negatively and may even die in its presence.

Question 4:
In the presence of oxygen, facultative anaerobes use ________; without oxygen some of them ferment, some use anaerobic respiration.
ProteinCellular respirationMetabolismGlycolysis


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