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Ana Lucia Cortez: Quiz


Question 1: [2] She meets ________ (John Terry) at the airport bar, who asks her to accompany him to Sydney as a bodyguard, however in Sydney the two part ways.
Lost (season 3)Lost (season 4)Lost (TV series)Christian Shephard

Question 2: [1] She is invited into a bunker the fuselage survivors found to interrogate a man claiming to be Henry Gale (________), and manages to receive a map to his crashed balloon.
Michael EmersonCarrie PrestonWilliam ShatnerAlan Alda

Question 3: [12] Anna Johns from ________'s TV Squad felt Ana Lucia is "abrasive and lack[ing] common sense or civility".
NetscapeJapanAOLUnited States

Question 4: [5] He breaks free, so Ana Lucia follows and finds Michael (Harold Perrineau) and Sawyer (________).
Josh HollowayHilary DuffLost (TV series)Jon Cryer

Question 5: Prior to the crash Ana Lucia Cortez is an officer in the ________ who becomes pregnant, but loses the baby after being shot by a suspect at a burglary scene.
Los Angeles Police DepartmentKoreatown, Los Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles General Services PoliceLos Angeles Fire Department

Question 6: [15] Michelle Rodriguez co-won the 2005 ________ for "Best Ensemble - Drama Series.
2nd Screen Actors Guild AwardsScreen Actors Guild Awards3rd Screen Actors Guild Awards4th Screen Actors Guild Awards

Question 7: [2] In a brief flashback in the first season finale, she flirts with ________ (Matthew Fox) at a bar at the airport, unaware that he is Christian's son.
Lost (TV series)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)Lost (season 3)Jack Shephard

Question 8: Rodriguez evoked controversy after being stopped by the police for ________ a few weeks before her character was killed, leading to speculation that this was the reason for her character's death.
Driving under the influenceDrunk driving in the United StatesDrunk driving law by countryTraffic

Question 9: [8] She takes Sayid and Charlie (________) with her, and eventually discovers the crash site, and the body of the real Henry Gale.
Dominic MonaghanBilly Boyd (actor)Lost (TV series)United Kingdom

Question 10: Ana Lucia Cortez is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, played by ________.
GirlfightColin FarrellHawaiiMichelle Rodriguez


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