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An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races: Quiz


Question 1: Inequality of the Human Races was dedicated to King ________ (1851-66), the last king of Hanover.
George V of HanoverErnest Augustus, Crown Prince of HanoverErnest Augustus I of HanoverPrince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany

Question 2: In 1849 Prussia had suggested a plan for a German federation, including the ________, but under Prussian leadership.
Habsburg MonarchyAustria–HungaryAustrian EmpireFrancis II, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 3: Early anthropological studies in the nineteenth century were influenced by the way the biological scientist ________ had classified the species.
MadridAlexander von HumboldtBerlinGermany

Question 4: The ________ - originally Aryans, but with Semitic elements.
Greek diasporaGreeksGreeceGreek language


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