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Question 1: Rebelling in attempt to forget her situation, she briefly reconciled with ________, with whom she often went joyriding and played truant from school.
Zoe CarpenterMike Barnes (Hollyoaks)Ste HaySarah Barnes

Question 2: Mike later found a ________ on the floor, leading him to believe that Amy and Josh were sleeping together.
CondomSexual abstinenceBirth controlMasturbation

Question 3: The lie begins to spread and eventually Amy finds out and, the next thing she knows, she begins to receive presents from Nancy Hayton whose nephew, Charlie actually has ________.
Leukemoid reactionLeukemiaHematological malignancyAcute biphenotypic leukaemia

Question 4: ________ invited them to Charlie's party to celebrate Leah getting the all clear.
Cindy HutchinsonMax CunninghamMandy RichardsonTony Hutchinson

Question 5: They broke up briefly before Josh regained her affections by singing a song called "I'm in Love" for her at Josh's sister, ________'s 18th birthday party.
Barry "Newt" NewtonJack OsborneHannah AshworthAshworth family

Question 6: Amy Barnes is a fictional character from the long-running ________ soap opera Hollyoaks, played by actress Ashley Slanina-Davies.
S4CChannel 4Five (TV channel)BBC

Question 7: Michaela introduced Amy to her boyfriend Wayne Tunnicliffe's best friend ________, who Amy then began dating.
Sarah BarnesMike Barnes (Hollyoaks)Ste HayZoe Carpenter

Question 8: Shortly afterwards, Amy discovered she was ________.
PregnancySexual intercourseReproductive medicinePrenatal development

Question 9: Amy struggled to tell her family her news, a situation exacerbated by her mother's affair with ________, and thought about having an abortion but decided to keep her baby.
Josh AshworthAshworth familyHannah AshworthRhys Ashworth

Question 10: Following this, after asking her for help with his ________, Josh surprised her with a family dinner.
AlgebraVector spaceMathematicsAlgebraic structure

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