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Question 1: This bill promoted ________ and arranged for new developments in so called "groeikernen", literally "cores of growth".
Urban sprawlInner cityWhite flightSuburbanization

Question 2: Tuschinski is a heritage ________ building with a beautiful lobby and six screens.
Brutalist architectureDe StijlArt NouveauArt Deco

Question 3:

Question 4:
What is Amsterdam classified as?
Single-tier municipality
City & Municipality
Municipality / City
Metropolitan City

Question 5: The wars of the ________ with England and France took their toll on Amsterdam.
Southern NetherlandsBatavian RepublicEighty Years' WarDutch Republic

Question 6:
What role did Aus Greidanus Jr. play in the movie Amsterdam?
Abdul Rashid

Question 7:
Who played Philip the movie Amsterdam?
Ward Weemhoff
Steven van Watermeulen
Aus Greidanus Jr.
Mimoun Oaïssa

Question 8:
What is the leader of Amsterdam called?
Secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC
Chief Executive / Secretary-General

Question 9:
Which of the following titles did Amsterdam have?
Lord of Pesaro
Geographic locale
Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems
Just Like Frank

Question 10:
What role did Ward Weemhoff play in the movie Amsterdam?
Abdul Rashid

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