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Amplitude: Quiz


Question 1: For example, the average power transmitted by an acoustic or ________ or by an electrical signal is proportional to the square of the RMS amplitude (and not, in general, to the square of the peak amplitude).
ElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsClassical electromagnetismElectromagnetic radiation

Question 2: Pulse amplitude is measured with respect to a specified reference and therefore should be modified by qualifiers, such as "average", "instantaneous", "peak", or "________".
Alternating currentArithmetic meanRoot mean squareSine wave

Question 3: However radio signals may be carried by electromagnetic radiation; the intensity of the radiation (________) or the frequency of the radiation (frequency modulation) is oscillated and then the individual oscillations are varied (modulated) to produce the signal.
Continuous waveAmplitude modulationSingle-sideband modulationFrequency-shift keying

Question 4: For waves on a string, or in medium such as ________, the amplitude is a displacement.
WaterEarthWater resourcesOxygen

Question 5: For instance, sound waves are oscillations in ________ and their amplitudes are proportional to the change in pressure during one oscillation.
WindAtmospheric pressurePrecipitation (meteorology)Lightning

Question 6: Semi-amplitude in fields such as ________ is understood to mean half the peak-to-peak amplitude[2] and is important in the search for exoplanets.

Question 7: True RMS meters do exist but until recently have been considered more specialised equipment; the advent of ________ controlled meters has made them more common.
Reduced instruction set computer64-bitMicroprocessorCentral processing unit

Question 8: Such meters require the AC input to be first ________ and are really reading proportional to either rectified average or peak amplitude.
High-voltage direct currentVacuum tubeDiodeRectifier

Question 9: Pulse amplitude also applies to the amplitude of ________- and phase-modulated waveform envelopes.
OpticsSoundElectromagnetic radiationFrequency

Question 10: When dealing with ________ electrical power it is universal to specify RMS values of a sinusoidal waveform.
Electric currentElectricityTransformerAlternating current

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