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Amphictyonic League: Quiz


Question 1: An early amphictyony centered on Kalaureia, an island close to the coast of Troezen in the ________ sacred to Poseidon, was noted by Strabo.

Question 2: The least obscure and longest-lasting amphictyony was the Delphic or Great Amphictyonic League that was organized to support the greater temples of ________ and Demeter.
ApolloArtemisGreek mythologyHera

Question 3: Based on legend, the Great Amphictyonic League was founded somewhat after the Trojan War, for the protection and administration of the temple of ________ in Delphi and temple of Demeter in Anthele (Ἀνθήλη), near Thermopylae.
Greek mythologyApolloArtemisHera

Question 4: The league continued to exist under the ________ but its authority was limited to the care of the temple of Apollo at Delphi.
Roman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireRoman RepublicByzantine Empire

Question 5: In 279, the Phocians were readmitted after they defended Delphi against an attack by the ________, and Aetolians – who already dominated the Delphi sanctuary – were admitted as new members.

Question 6: In the Archaic period of ancient Greece, an amphictyony (Ancient Greek: ἀμφικτυονία), a "league of neighbors", or Amphictyonic League was an ancient association of Greek tribes[1] formed in the dim past, before the rise of the Greek ________.
United StatesGreek templeAthensPolis

Question 7: Thucydides made recollection of the Lelantine War, apparently fought in ________ sometime between the late 8th century BCE and the first half of the 7th century BCE:

Question 8: The Roman emperor ________ incorporated the Aenianes, Malians, Magnetians and Pythians with Thessalians.

Question 9: ________ used its power to further his expansionistic conquests in Greece.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)AntipaterPhilip II of MacedonAlexander the Great


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