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Question 1: More common is to find phenocrysts of pyroxene, ________, plagioclase and even magmatic amphibole such as pargasite rhombohedra, pseudomorphed by hornblende amphibole.

Question 2: ________ and other igneous rock types
Flood basaltLavaGraniteBasalt

Question 3: Amphibolite was a favourite material for the production of adzes (shoe-last-celts) in the central European early Neolithic (________ and Rössen cultures).
Vinča cultureCorded Ware cultureLinear Pottery cultureFunnelbeaker culture

Question 4: Deposits containing ________ and siderite also readily yield amphibolites (tremolite-schists, grunerite-schists, and others) especially where there has been a certain amount of contact metamorphism by adjacent granitic masses.
DolomiteMagnesiteCalcium carbonateCalcite

Question 5: Rocks with >90% amphibole which have a feldspar groundmass may be a ________.
LamprophyreMineralUltramafic rockIgneous rock

Question 6: The modern terminology for a holocrystalline plutonic ________ composed primarily of hornblende amphibole is a hornblendite, which are usually crystal cumulates.
FelsicBasaltGraniteIgneous rock

Question 7: Picking a sill and thin metamorphosed ________ flows may be more troublesome.
BasaltIgneous rockLavaVolcano

Question 8: Original magmatic textures, especially crude magmatic layering in ________, is often preserved.
AnorthositeLayered intrusionIgneous rockKomatiite

Question 9: Amphibolite (pronounced /æmˈfɪbəlaɪt/) is the name given to a rock consisting mainly of hornblende amphibole, the use of the term being restricted, however, to ________.
MetamorphismMetamorphic rockHornfelsGranulite

Question 10: Metamorphic rocks composed primarily of amphibole, albite, with subordinate epidote, zoisite, chlorite, quartz, sphene, and accessory leucoxene, ________ and magnetite which have a protolith of an igneous rock are known as Orthoamphibolites.
IlmeniteTitaniteHeavy mineral sands ore depositsRutile


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