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Amphibole: Quiz


Question 1: Pargasite is a rare magnesium-rich amphibole with essential ________, usually found in ultramafic rocks.

Question 2: This article incorporates text from the article "Aphibole" in the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyPublic domainCopyrightCopyright infringement

Question 3: Amphiboles are minerals of either igneous or metamorphic origin; in the former case occurring as constituents (hornblende) of igneous rocks, such as ________, diorite, andesite and others.

Question 4: Those of metamorphic origin include examples such as those developed in ________ by contact metamorphism (tremolite) and those formed by the alteration of other ferromagnesian minerals (hornblende).
Carbonate rockSedimentary rockKarst topographyLimestone

Question 5: An aluminous related species is known as gedrite and a deep green Russian variety containing little ________ as kupfferite.

Question 6: Anthophyllite occurs as brownish, fibrous or lamellar masses with hornblende in mica-schist at ________ in Norway and some other localities.

Question 7: It is also an important constituent of amphibolites formed by metamorphism of ________.
Flood basaltBasaltIgneous rockLava

Question 8: For instance, it occurs in uncommon mantle xenoliths, carried up by ________.
Igneous rockKimberliteLamproiteDiamond


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