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Question 1: It has been proposed as a treatment for ________, after favorable testing in an animal model.
AutismRett syndromeAsperger syndromeLujan-Fryns syndrome

Question 2: Unlike earlier ________ (e.g.

Question 3: Ampakines work by ________ binding to particular receptors in the brain, called AMPA-type glutamate receptors.
ProteinEnzyme inhibitorAllosteric regulationEnzyme

Question 4: the pyrrolidine derivative racetam drugs such as ________ and aniracetam

Question 5: ________ derivatives such as cyclothiazide and IDRA-21
Channel blockerThiazideAntihypertensive drugCalcium channel blocker

Question 6: the CX- series of drugs which encompass a range of ________ and benzoylpyrrolidine structures

Question 7: Ampakines are a new class of compounds known to enhance attention span and alertness, and facilitate ________ and memory.
ThoughtExecutive functionsPerceptionLearning

Question 8: In a 2006 study they were shown to have an effect after they had left the body, continuing to enhance learning and ________.
KC (patient)NeuropsychologyCognitive psychologyMemory

Question 9: The ampakines take their name from the glutamatergic ________ with which they strongly interact.
Glutamate receptorAMPA receptorNicotinic acetylcholine receptorNMDA receptor

Question 10: Ampakines have been investigated by ________ for potential use in increasing military effectiveness.
Defense Human Resources ActivityDARPANational Security AgencyDefense Contract Audit Agency

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