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Ampère's circuital law: Quiz


Question 1: See ________ for a discussion of this important discovery.
ElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetic wave equationOptics

Question 2: [9] He added this ________ to Ampère's circuital law at equation (112) in his 1861 paper On Physical Lines of Force.
Displacement currentMagnetic fieldAmpère's circuital lawMaxwell's equations

Question 3: Maxwell derived it again electrodynamically in his 1861 paper On Physical Lines of Force and it is now one of the ________, which form the basis of classical electromagnetism.
Magnetic fieldMaxwell's equationsClassical electromagnetismMetamaterial

Question 4: For greater discussion see ________.
Ampère's circuital lawMaxwell's equationsDisplacement currentMagnetic field

Question 5: With the addition of the displacement current, Maxwell was able to hypothesize (correctly) that light was a form of ________.
ElectromagnetismElectromagnetic radiationClassical electromagnetismMaxwell's equations

Question 6: where ε0 is the ________ and P is the polarization density.
Free spaceMaxwell's equationsVacuum permittivityVacuum permeability

Question 7: In ________ units (the version in cgs units is in a later section), the "integral form" of the original Ampère's circuital law is:[2][3]
Metric systemInternational System of UnitsConversion of unitsSystems of measurement


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