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Amora: Quiz


Question 1: Their legal discussions and debates were eventually codified in the ________.
MishnahJerusalem TalmudGemaraTalmud

Question 2: Among the earliest Amoraim in Israel were Rabbi Yochanan and ________.
HalakhaTalmudShimon ben LakishJudah haNasi

Question 3: The first Babylonian Amoraim were ________, respectfully referred to as Rav, and his contemporary and frequent debate partner, Shmuel.
MidrashAbba ArikaRav HunaTalmud

Question 4: Creator of the present-day ________.
Liturgical yearIslamic calendarHebrew calendarByzantine calendar

Question 5: The Amoraim followed the ________ in the sequence of ancient Jewish scholars.
TannaimHillel the ElderGamalielElisha ben Abuyah


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