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Amoebiasis: Quiz


Question 1: ________ ingests the destroyed cells by phagocytosis and is often seen with red blood cells inside when viewed in stool samples.
Entamoeba histolyticaAmoebiasisEntamoeba gingivalisAcanthamoeba

Question 2: In asymptomatic infections the amoeba lives by eating and digesting bacteria and food particles in the gut, a part of the ________.
Colorectal cancerHuman gastrointestinal tractAscending cholangitisPeritonitis

Question 3: More recent developments include a kit that detects the presence of amoeba proteins in the feces and another that detects ameba ________ in feces.

Question 4: ________ (Acanthamoeba keratitis, Cutaneous acanthamoebiasis, Granulomatous amoebic encephalitis)
AmoebozoaAcanthamoebaBalamuthia mandrillarisSappinia diploidea

Question 5: Likewise amoebiasis is sometimes incorrectly used to refer to infection with other amoebae, but strictly speaking it should be reserved for ________ infection.
Entamoeba gingivalisAmoebic liver abscessEntamoeba histolyticaAcanthamoeba

Question 6: Amoebiasis, or Amebiasis refers to infection caused by the amoeba ________.
Amoebic liver abscessAcanthamoebaEntamoeba histolyticaEntamoeba gingivalis

Question 7: ________, which causes Cutaneous amoebiasis [5] and Acanthamoeba keratitis
Sappinia diploideaAmoebozoaAcanthamoebaBalamuthia mandrillaris

Question 8: Avoid sharing ________ or face washers.
BidetBathtubToilet paperTowel

Question 9: In 1998 there was an outbreak of amoebiasis in the ________.
Georgia (country)ArmeniaGreeceAzerbaijan

Question 10: Balamuthia mandrillaris,[6] which causes Granulomatous amoebic encephalitis and ________
Primary amoebic meningoencephalitisAmoebic brain abscessAlzheimer's diseasePoliomyelitis


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